Craft Beer

The art of brewing is alive and well, with smaller breweries and beer enthusiasts helping to push America into a culture of better beer. Specialized takes on the mixture of hops, yeast, and grain have ushered in a golden era for perhaps the greatest beverage invented by man – BEER. Monster Energy Rock Allegiance is proud to support beer entrepreneurship with a celebration of local breweries and specialized drafts hailing from throughout our great nation. Not to mention, there’s nothing that makes a shot of Jack go down smoother than a good ol’ craft-brewed oat soda.
Salisbury, MD

Evolution Craft Brewing Co.

Killer brews from Salisbury, MD. Come and evolve today.

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Dover, DA

Fordham & Dominion

Based on shared values and a common philosophy of quality brewing, Fordham & Dominion joined forces in 2007 and consolidated operations in 2009. The First State is now home to the Fordham & Dominion Brewing Co., where beer lovers from near and far are able to stop by, get to know us, and enjoy our handcrafted beer and soda. Our roots run deep throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and we remain dedicated to our craft.

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Fort Collins, CO

New Belgium Brewing Co.

As our aspiring young homebrewer rides his mountain bike with "fat tires" through European villages famous for beer, New Belgium Brewing Company was but a glimmer in his eye. Or basement. For Jeff Lebesch would return to Fort Collins with an imagination full of recipes and a handful of ingredients ready to embark on a whole new journey.

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Charlottesville, VA

Starr Hill Brewery

Born in a Charlottesville music hall in 1999, Starr Hill Brewery is the largest independent craft brewery in Virginia. Among the most award-winning craft breweries on the East Coast, Starr Hill brews out of a passion for crafting great times through world-class beer.

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Hershey. PA

Troegs Brewing Co.

"We aren’t concerned with making beer to a particular style, as much as we want to create a quality beer that we like to drink — that’s what is really important. Cheers!"

- Chris & John

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Downington, PA

Victory Brewing Co.

"Having trained in Germany, we appreciate the artistic freedom we have here in the U.S. Here, a fervent core of consumers embraces creativity, and we are happy to serve that audience with our experience in traditional methods, selection of choice, often imported ingredients, and the best processing that technology can offer us. We relish the opportunity to please both ourselves and our audience with our flavorful creations."

- Bill Covaleski, Brewmaster & President.

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